Turkish Journal of Nephrology
Case Report

Scintigraphy as a Reliable Technique for Diagnosis and Follow-Up of Pleuroperitoneal Leakage in Peritoneal Dialysis Patients


Trakya University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Nephrology, Edirne, Turkey


Trakya University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Nuclear Medicine, Edirne, Turkey

Turkish J Nephrol 2016; -1: Supplement 139-141
DOI: 10.5262/tndt.2016.32
Read: 436 Downloads: 259 Published: 04 February 2019

Metabolic and mechanic complications can be seen due to peritoneal dialysis. Pleuroperitoneal leakage is rare but can be a life-threatening mechanic complication of peritoneal dialysis. Some techniques have been used to diagnose this entity. Radionuclide imaging can be used as a reliable technique in order to show the pleuroperitoneal passage and can be used to show the recovery. Herein we present the first case report in the literature about a patient with pleuroperitoneal shunt that was demonstrated scintigraphically during the leakage and after the resolution.

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