Turkish Journal of Nephrology
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Ankara Üniv. Tıp Fak. Psikiyatri Anabilim Dalı, ANKARA


Ankara Üniv. Tıp Fak. Psikiyatrik Konsültasyon Ünitesi, ANKARA

Turkish J Nephrol 1997; 6: 125-130
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PURPOSE:Patients with Chronic Renal Insufficiency (CRI) often have various psychological problems and some of them are supposed to be the result of inadequate information. The aim of this study is to investigate the psychological problems and the need of information about their illness and its treatment on CRI patients. Their level of knowledge about the illness is also investigated.

METHOD:We conducted the study in the Nephrology Clinic oflbni Sina Hospital with 131 hemodialysis patients and used questionnaires prepared by the investigators. 

RESULTS:We found out that, between 20 - 48 % of the patients lack major information on their illness, particularly on medication side effects, and 88 % of them reported of receiving information on relevant subjects. Sixty four percent wanted this information from their primary clinician. We also found out that, patients were mostly experiencing feelings of anger, touchiness and burnout.

CONCLUSION:CRI patients who are on dialysis have many psychological problems and "educational hunger" on their illness. These problems could be solved by a team work with an emphasis on education.

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