Turkish Journal of Nephrology
Case Report

CAPD-Associated Peritonitis with Achromobacter spp.: Case Report


Ankara Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi, Nefroloji Bilim Dalı, Ankara, Türkiye

Turkish J Nephrol 2015; 24: 210-211
DOI: 10.5262/tndt.2015.1002.12
Read: 420 Downloads: 202 Published: 04 February 2019

Peritonitis is a common and serious complication of peritoneal dialysis. Many microorganisms and especially gram-positive microorganisms have been determined as a cause of peritonitis. Achromobacter is a rare source of infection and has been isolated as the causing agent of peritonitis in a few cases that resulted in removal of the peritoneal catheter.

We herein report a case of Achromobacter peritonitis that resulted in removal of the catheter despite appropriate antibiotic therapy. 

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